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Learning on the job

A few months into the airline management traineeship I joined last year, I got moved into my second role rotation, in business analysis. My work prior to joining the airline industry included sitting in editing suites watching advance episodes of The Amazing Race Asia to craft digital content for its fifth season, producing influencer campaigns, […]

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When an iPhone, iPad Pro, MacBook Pro aren’t enough! iPad Mini Review

I’ve been using an iPad Mini since 2016, and when Apple finally upgraded its innards earlier in 2019, I bought a new one as soon as I could afford to. I already have a MacBook Pro, an iPad Pro, and an iPhone 7 Plus. Why on earth would I need a device to fit between […]

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Sydney, Australia, via everywhere else.

In February 2017, after four years living in Colombo, Delhi, Pune, and Singapore, I moved back to Sydney. This is a post about falling in love with my hometown after several failed attempts over the years. But first, some context Though I was born in Sydney, clocking over thirteen years in Australia in bits and […]

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Black Cat: Colombo’s Best Eggs Ben, Iced Black Coffee, and Books

I was a digital nomad from 2013 to 2017, building a digital agency, working as a creative strategist and exploring as much of world as I could in my spare time. It was during this time that I wrote an extensive piece about Colombo being a hidden hotspot for digital nomads, sharing my favourite places […]

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Airbus A380: More than an Airplane

“Combining the most advanced aviation technology and an inspired cabin design, Airbus is proud to have created an aircraft that is celebrated for its outstanding quality in every aspect. Leading the industry in standards for innovation, experience and efficiency, it is adored by passengers, pilots and crew alike.” –, ‘More than an Airplane’, A380 […]


Airbus A350 vs Boeing 787: Which cutting edge airplane is ‘best’?

  The A350 XWB is Airbus’ shiny, sexy twin-engined plane, built with combination of carbon composites, titanium and aluminium. It’s powered by two ultra-quiet Rolls Royce engines. Its ‘extra-wide’ cabin is designed to make passengers feel as comfortable one can without flying in a private jet.    Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner is their version of the […]


A Life Less Ordinary: Season 2 Singapore is here! Meet My Co-Host Vanessa

‘A Life Less Ordinary’ is back on Apple Podcasts! This season, I flew to Singapore to meet fascinating entrepreneurs, athletes, actors, and more.   The video above gives you a short little introduction to our first guest, my dear friend and Season 2 co-host Vanessa Fernandez. By the way, she’ll be performing at the Singapore […]


A Life Less Ordinary Season 2: Singapore is around the corner!

After a long, 9 month journey, my podcast A Life Less Ordinary Season 2: Singapore, will be out on Apple Podcasts next Thursday! Following a successful Season 1 in Sri Lanka, I’m joined by musician, radio presenter and my co-host Vanessa Fernandez for interviews with guests that include: Award-winning, Crazy Rich Asians actress Tan Kheng […]


Changi Airport: What to do at the World’s Best Airport in 3 hours

This special edition of Stopover at Singapore’s Changi Airport originally appeared on Nomads Bazaar. Stopover is a travel show I host and produce with my creative partner-in-crime, Adam Moorhead. We usually choose a city to create our 6 and 12 hour Stopover episodes, but Changi Airport deserves its own special 3 hour stopover episode!    […]

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Stopover Singapore: What to do in Singapore in 6 and 12 Hours

I’m excited to share the first travel show produced by Nomads Bazaar, the media company Adam and I run in Sydney! What started as a way to utilise our days off in between shoots has evolved into a little monster of a project that has been 9 months in the making.    ‘Stopover’ gives you […]