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Learning on the job

A few months into the airline management traineeship I joined last year, I got moved into my second role rotation, in business analysis. My work prior to joining the airline industry included sitting in editing suites watching advance episodes of The Amazing Race Asia to craft digital content for its fifth season, producing influencer campaigns, […]

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Sydney, Australia, via everywhere else.

In February 2017, after four years living in Colombo, Delhi, Pune, and Singapore, I moved back to Sydney. This is a post about falling in love with my hometown after several failed attempts over the years. But first, some context Though I was born in Sydney, clocking over thirteen years in Australia in bits and […]

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5 Life Lessons I Learned Working at Apple

I had just one dream to accompany my suitcase as I left my hometown, Sydney, for London in August 2010. As a 21 year-old aspiring songwriter and producer fresh out of university, I intended to make London my new home and writing hits for Beyoncé and Beyoncé-tier artists my new career. Standing by for Beyoncé’s […]


How to meet yourself.

En route to Colombo from Badulla “Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” – David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas The first post I saw on my Facebook newsfeed this morning was the quote above, from one of my favourite books.  Mitchell’s quote means so much to me – if I hadn’t moved from Sydney to Vienna when I […]